B6 Grip-Rite® 100 Rubber Basketball

Item: 7152X

B6 Grip-Rite® 100 Rubber Basketball

Item: 7152X

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Handle the ball like a pro with the GRIP-RITE basketball. With its legendary GRIP-RITE high-tack rubber, you’ll have all you need to get from one end of the court to the other while keeping your hand on the ball.

The long lasting retention bladder means you won’t have to refill the ball every time you play. Polyester winding and pro-width channels ensures its shape and excellent bounce.
  • Durable GRIP-RITE high-tack rubber cover
  • Long lasting air retention bladder
  • Polyester winding
  • Pro-width channels


Do the custom gloves come in a pair?

The custom batting gloves are indeed sold as a pair. You will receive one right hand and one left hand in the design that you create and purchase.

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Replacement parts are available ONLINE ONLY.
Please click the link for replacement parts: FranklinSportsParts.com
Replacement parts are NOT AVAILABLE in stores.

What is the status of my web order? Can I cancel/change my web order?

Please email CustomerService@FranklinSports.com with your order number and a teammate from our Franklin Sports lineup will get back to you immediately.

How can I get a warranty replacement or refund?

Please go to our Contact Us page located here: FranklinSports.com/franklin-sports/contact-us. Select Warranty Claim from the drop-down menu.

Do you ship internationally (web/custom orders)?

We are unable to ship internationally at this time. We are working hard to add this as a shipping option on the site.