Batting Gloves 2013: Players' Preference

Josh Hamilton
The new season has begun; Opening Week for Major League Baseball has finally arrived. All 30 teams have returned home from their Spring Training facilities and are ready to play in front of their home fans. As American flags stretch across outfields and the National Anthem echoes through the grandstands, we want to keep you updated on what type of batting glove your favorite Franklin athletes are wearing at the plate this year.

CFX® Pro: Designed with a one-piece digitized leather palm providing superior grip and texture, a floating thumb enhancing flexibility, quad-flex creasing reducing buildup between the hand and the bat handle, and a neoprene bridge adding flexibility, the CFX Pro is the preferred batting glove for sluggers Josh Hamilton, Miguel Cabrera and Justin Upton. After his Triple Crown season, Cabrera anchors a powerful Detroit Tigers lineup that has many analysts ranking the team as the frontrunners to win the World Series this season. Upton and Hamilton have landed in new homes, Atlanta and Anaheim respectively, and their arrivals have created much excitement in the two cities.

THE NATURAL® II: Made with the most advanced leather in the world, THE NATURAL II is the preferred batting glove choice of Cincinnati Reds first basemen Joey Votto. When this batting glove comes in contact with any type of moisture, the gripping properties are enhanced ensuring a secure grip with the bat in all-weather situations. A contoured asymmetrical wristband shapes to your wrist providing comfort from the fingertips to the base.

AUTHENTIC PRO CLASSIC: All Franklin batting gloves are built to provide the best fit, feel and performance. Our Pro Classic design is used by rising stars Yadier Molina, Hanley Ramirez and established pros Justin Morneau and Paul Konerko. The SHOK-SORB® padding system helps absorb impact and eliminate the sting feeling batters occasionally experience.

NEO CLASSIC® II: Another popular design featuring the digitized leather palm, floating thumb, a breathable back and TRI-CURVE construction assuring the batting glove is seamlessly integrated to the natural movements of your hands, is the NEO CLASSIC II. Several Franklin athletes prefer this model including veteran Scott Rolen, middle infielders Asdrubal Cabrera and Rickie Weeks, and slugger Mark Trumbo.

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