Customize Your Own Batting Gloves!




Custom Batting Gloves Franklin Sports

We are proud to offer Custom Batting Gloves to all players and enthusiasts. For over 30 years we have offered custom batting gloves to our Major League Baseball players. Based on years of feedback from our customers and the growing demand for customization, we have spent the last year perfecting a custom batting glove website. This will allow anyone to design a batting glove that fits their hands perfectly and their personality. We offer two styles of gloves, The CFX Pro and The Pro Classic. The Pro Classic hasn't been available for over 10 years and we wanted to bring the glove back in a big way. Brudnicki, Alexis. "Many young players want to wear the same equipment on the field as their major league idols, and now they have an accessible way to do that." Technology Brings Customization To Everyone Nov. 2014: 14-16. Baseball America.  



Continue to check back for more news and notes on all of our Franklin Pros as the second half winds down and the MLB playoff push begins.