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New David Ortiz Batting Gloves On Sale!




New David Ortiz Batting Gloves on Sale

Other than fear in the opposing pitcher’s eyes, the first thing you see when David Ortiz has stepped into the batter’s box this postseason is his brand new, custom made Franklin batting gloves. Featuring neon green piping, these batting gloves received a lot of attention throughout the four-game ALDS between the Red Sox and Rays and are now on sale in adult and youth sizes! We asked Big Papi if he’d be interested in wearing a batting glove with a little more “pop” – something embodying his lively personality while still expressing his dominance at the plate. The second Ortiz saw the custom batting gloves, he fell in love. Ortiz began wearing these gloves on and off starting in August through the end of the season, but knew the playoffs set the perfect stage to showcase the new design.  

While wearing the new batting gloves this postseason, Ortiz has a batting line of .385/.556/.923 with five hits in 13 at-bats, one double, two home runs and three RBI’s. The last and only time Big Papi had two home runs in an ALDS was 2007 against the Angels and the Red Sox went on to win the World Series. His .923 slugging percentage is also his third highest in any ALDS only behind 2004 and 2007 – both years the Red Sox went on to win the World Series crown. It’s possible the worst thing that has happened to Ortiz while wearing these new batting gloves is a line drive to the groin courtesy of his son, posted on the Boston Red Sox Twitter account.  

The new neon piping batting gloves are a redesign of Ortiz’ preferred glove – the CFX Pro. One of the most recent batting gloves we’ve introduced, several major league players have switched to the CFX Pro this season. Made with our patented Tri-Curve® fit, the CFX Pro is designed to match every unique intricacy of the user’s hand and Quad-Flex® further anticipates flexing of the batter’s palm for a perfect fit against the bat without bunching. The CFX Pro also features floating thumb technology enhancing flexibility and, made with one-piece Pittards Digital leather palm, the glove maintains softness and responsiveness for a smooth and seamless feel on any bat in all weather conditions. The new limited edition batting glove design is on sale now - $44.99 for youth and $49.99 for adult. Youth sizes are available in medium and large while adult sizes include – small, medium, large, XL and XXL.  

Ortiz plans on introducing a new playoff gold color later this October. Make sure to check back to the Franklin Sports blog to keep an eye out for what’s next and continue following Big Papi and the Red Sox as they head into the ALCS.  




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