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FOLD-N-GO® Golf Toss

Item: 13170/01

Also known as bola golf and ladder golf, no tailgating, backyard barbeque or beach party is complete without the FOLD-N-GO Golf Toss. Forget the bulky bean bag toss, this new game is taking the country by storm with its fully collapsible target design for quick setup, breakdown and storage.

This set includes two targets stands and six bolas, consisting of two rubber golf balls connected by a rope. Also included are the complete rules, assembly instructions and a convenient travel & storage bag. Bring this along to your next event and be the envy of your friends.

  • 2 fully collapsible target stands
  • 6 bolas, 3 per color
  • Complete rules & assembly instructions
  • All-purpose tailgate travel & storage bag
  • WARNING: Golf Toss is surprisingly addictive
Ladder Toss Game
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  • Ladder Toss Game
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