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Franklin Ladder Golf

Item: 52006

Franklin Ladder Golf is the highlight of any great tailgate party. Whether you’re at the stadium or in your front yard ladder golf is a classic outdoor game everyone can play. The game can be played with two or four people and the first team to 21 wins. The object is simple; toss the tethered balls connected by a cord to the opposing ladder. The bottom level of the ladder is worth 1 point while the middle is worth 2 and the top is 3 points. Get your friends or family together early for a day filled with tailgating, sports watching and a Franklin Ladder Golf tournament. Franklin Ladder Golf includes:

  • 2 – 40""H x 24""W PVC frames
  • 6 golf tosses – 3 red and 3 blue
  • Adjustable scoring rings to keep track each team’s points
  • Carrying bag for easy storage and portability