Franklin Round-Up: April 15-21

David Ortiz
In wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, determination lead to an overnight shootout and a day-long manhunt resulting in the death of suspect one and the capture of suspect two. The city of Boston was completely shut down Friday, the manhunt ended as night fall drew and the city was once again safe. Floods of people poured the streets united, Boston Strong.

The following day the Red Sox hosted a double-header and Franklin’s own David Ortiz returned to the lineup for the first time this season. Big Papi appeared in two games over the weekend and delivered the only way he knows how: big. Ortiz collected five hits in eight at-bats and drove in 2 RBIs.

As the entire country rallied around Boston, several Franklin Pros continued their hot streaks at the plate throughout the third week of the young MLB season. Justin Upton pushed his league-leading home run total up to nine after crushing two over the fence this week. Meanwhile, the Padres welcomed back last year’s National League Silver Slugger Chase Headley to the lineup after missing a month with a fractured thumb. Here’s a look at how other Franklin Pros fared at the plate last week:

Miguel Cabrera, Tigers, 3B: Cabrera is back on track after a dominant week at the plate. The Tigers slugger recorded a .423/.483/.577 batting line collecting 11 hits in 26 at-bats with five RBIs and one home run.

Joey Votto, Reds, 1B: The Reds played seven games last week and won six as Votto blasted two homeruns and recorded a batting line of .385/.485/.615.

David DeJesus, Cubs, OF: Despite the Cubs' struggles, DeJesus has been crushing the ball lately. The veteran collected six hits in 16 at-bats with one double, one triple and a homerun in five games last week.

Mark Trumbo, Angels, OF/1B: The Angels' young power hitter is returning to form this week, spraying nine hits in his past 20 at-bats with one homerun and two RBIs.

Nick Swisher, Indians, OF/1B: Swisher is a welcome addition to the Indians lineup and throughout the last six games the wily veteran has one homerun, four RBIs and five runs while posting a .346/.393/.615 batting line.

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