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MLB® Flexblade Swing Trainer

Item: 23306

Franklin's MLB® Flexblade Batting Trainer is a great way to develop swing power, technique and speed. The Flexblade Trainer is designed to be used as a stationary or moving target. One player swings the Flexblade Trainer or holds it steady as another player focuses on their swing fundamentals and making solid contact. Franklin's MLB® Flexblade Batting Trainer is made from durable fiberglass materials with a PVC non-slip ergonomic grip ensuring years of use. The Flexblade is also designed with ultra-flex properties for quick, repetitive hitting drills.
  • 54" fiberglass construction with polyurethane head and PVC non-slip ergonomic grip
  • Flexblade directional movement provides a more authentic hitting experience
  • Ultra-flex properties for repetitive hitting
  • MLB® Flexblade Swing Trainer