MLB® Powerhouse Baseball Bat And Ball Set

Item: 14902

MLB® Powerhouse Baseball Bat And Ball Set

Item: 14902

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  • Eliminates choking up on the handle for custom fit
  • Easily adjusts with a twist and lock motion from 21" to 27" in length
  • Digital PVC grip
  • Soft PU foam baseball
  • Assorted colors
  • Pat. No. 7,166,046
  • Ages 6+


Do the custom gloves come in a pair?

The custom batting gloves are indeed sold as a pair. You will receive one right hand and one left hand in the design that you create and purchase.

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Replacement parts are available ONLINE ONLY.
Please click the link for replacement parts:
Replacement parts are NOT AVAILABLE in stores.

What is the status of my web order? Can I cancel/change my web order?

Please email with your order number and a teammate from our Franklin Sports lineup will get back to you immediately.

How can I get a warranty replacement or refund?

Please go to our Contact Us page located here: Select Warranty Claim from the drop-down menu.

Do you ship internationally (web/custom orders)?

We are unable to ship internationally at this time. We are working hard to add this as a shipping option on the site.