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Franklin Josh Hamilton Pro-Porta Batting Tee

Item: 19032

Franklin’s Pro-Porta Batting Tee is one of Josh Hamilton’s favorite tools to polish fundamentals and boost performance at the plate. Fine-tune your swing and improve your power, speed and batting average with this exceptionally durable and highly portable batting tee for batting practice. As part of the Josh Hamilton Hitting Tools collection you’ll also receive a demo video with drills and instructions to help perfect your swing like a pro. The Franklin Pro-Porta Batting Tee features an all-weather finish ensuring you can get your cuts in year-round and stay on top of your game for the upcoming season.

  • Durable steel post, rubber ball cradle and fiberglass post
  • Easily breaks down into two sections, a telescopic stem and a base, both of which will fit easily into an individual travel bag
  • All weather finish
  • Slide a 10lb weight over the tee for added stability (weight not included)

  • Durable steel post, fiberglass base and a rubber ball cradle
  • Telescopic stem and a base break down into two pieces easily fitting into a baseball equipment bag
  • Slide a small weight over the steel post for added stability (weight not included)
Batting Tee Pro Porta
  • Batting Tee Pro Porta
  • Batting Tee Pro Porta
  • Batting Tee Pro Porta