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Franklin Quik Set Volleyball and Badminton Combo

Item: 50702

Franklin’s Quik Set Volleyball and Badminton Combo kit includes everything you need to play from a durable net to high-quality badminton rackets and official size volleyball. Play on the beach, in your backyard or at a park with your family and friends. The revolutionary new net design is simple to set up and break down in just seconds giving you ample opportunity to play volleyball and quickly adjust the net to accommodate a badminton court in no time.

  • Built-in pole inserts for quick set up and take down
  • 1 official size and weight stitched volleyball
  • 2 tempered steel badminton rackets
  • 12 steel ground stakes
  • Compact carrying and storage case
  • Revolutionary new easy design sets up and breaks down in seconds
  • Durable expanding poles designed for competitive play
  • QUIKSET tension system
  • Built in pole makes setting up as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • (1) Official size and weight stitched volleyball
  • (2) Tempered steel badminton rackets
  • (12) Steel ground stakes
  • Comes ready to play with all accessories
  • Package: Compact storage case for effortless travel