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Advanced Badminton/Volleyball

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Step up to Franklin's Advanced Badminton/Volleyball Set for long-lasting materials, from an official size and stitched volleyball to tempered steel badminton rackets for enhanced performance. Assembling the net is a breeze with all necessary stability-enhancing tools included in the set. Set up individual volleyball and badminton tournaments or switch between games throughout the day for extra outdoor fun at your next family party or company barbecue.

  • Poles: 1.5in diameter telescopingoctagon, virgin PVC with 3 playing heights (7ft3in, 6ft, 5ft1in)
  • Net: 30ft x 30in x 1.5in
  • Volleyball: Official size “SOFT SPIKE®” volleyball with mini pump & needle
  • Rackets: (4) deluxe “Tightstring” stringing, “soft-touch” padded grip, tempered steel shaft, and nylon grommets
  • Racket String: Hy-sheep
  • Shuttlecocks: (2) A-grade shuttlecocks
  • Net Clips: (6) Net-Saver net clips
  • Tape: 4 sided tape construction
  • Guy Ropes: (2) top and (2) middle
  • Stakes: (6) yellow styrene ground stakes
  • (6) adjustable guy rope tension clips
  • Package: Deluxe carry bag with vellum wrap
  • advanced badminton volleyball set combo
  • advanced badminton volleyball set combo