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MLB® Infinite Angle Return Trainer

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Experience the ultimate training experience with our MLB® Infinite-Angle Return Trainer! Aim for the strike zone to improve accuracy and practice catching fly balls, ground balls, and line drives, as the trainer rebounds your pitches. Our all-weather 30 ply plastic net with bungee attachments and tubular steel construction will survive any environment. Click assembly buttons and two-step fold-up design ensure easy adjusting, assembly and storage.

  • 44inch x 61inch steel frame with 7/8inch steel tubing
  • Baked enamel finish with Easy Click assembly buttons
  • Infinite Angle adjustment system
  • Two-step fold-up design for simple, fold-flate storage
  • Heavy-duty, all-weather 30-ply PE net with target ribbon

  • MLB® Infinite Angle Return Trainer