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MLB® Speed Tracker Pro

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Advanced technology meets the baseball diamond with Franklin's Wireless Baseball Pitch Tracking System. This unique system allows you to record an accurate pitch speed at a fraction of the cost of a radar gun. The system is easy to set up and transmits the speed of the pitch in seconds. First, select the distance you're pitching from on the pitcher's rubber. Second, attach the sensor to the catcher's mitt or backstop where you're throwing. Finally, stand on the foot pad attached to the pitcher's rubber, wind up and release. After the ball hits the glove or backstop the sensor will wirelessly transmit the pitch speed back to the pitcher's rubber. This product is a great thing to have for any young pitcher allowing them to create and meet their goals practice after practice.

  • Wireless 2.4GHz technology transmits the speed to the LCD screen
  • Sensor easily attaches to most gloves
  • Includes electronic pitcher's rubber with LCD screen and an impact sensor with a self-stick strap
  • Speed Tracker Pro
  • Speed Tracker Pro
  • Speed Tracker Pro
  • Speed Tracker Pro