Soft Toss Machine - Josh Hamilton

Item: 19077

The Franklin Soft-Toss Pitching Machine is designed for use with authentic baseballs and softballs or any kind of training/practice ball. This machine allows players to practice their fundamentals at the plate on their own. Usually soft-toss incorporates two people - one tosser and one batter - but with Franklin's Soft-Toss Pitching Machines players can gain the benefits of soft-toss on their own time without relying on another person. The soft-toss machines consistently tosses balls into hitting position for a focused swing and solid contact training.

  • Designed for use with authentic baseballs and softballs
  • Holds up to 11, 9" baseballs and eight 12" softballs
  • Adjustable angle for batters of all sizes
  • Lightweight design with carrying handle
  • Rechargeable battery