Welcome to the Franklin Sports blog!

As Spring Training gets into full swing and teams and players gear up for the season, we’re excited to introduce the Franklin Sports blog. We invite you stop by from now until the final out in the World Series and beyond for updates on all things baseball.

Batting gloves have come a long way since Mike Schmidt partnered with Franklin to create the original Franklin Batting Glove in 1983. Throughout the season, we’ll share stories and photos that will take you through the evolution of the batting glove, showing just how far things have come over the years.

As the Official Batting Glove of Major League Baseball, we’ll also be checking in your favorite players throughout the season. With the likes of Josh Hamilton, Joey Votto, Dustin Pedroia and Miguel Cabrera wearing Franklin batting gloves, there’s sure to be plenty to talk about.

In addition to baseball-related updates, you can expect to find information here on some exciting contests and giveaways throughout the season that you won’t want to miss. We’ll also provide some helpful tips on how to use our equipment to enhance your game.

Each spring brings hope and excitement to the legions of baseball fans throughout the world. We look forward to reveling with you in the big moments of what’s sure to be a great season.

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